3 Biggest Reasons why you should choose lifePO4 for storage

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:25 January 2018 

Why choose lifePO4 for storage?


Why choose lifePO4 for storage?

Many of today’s electronic systems are backed up or run exclusively from solar power and batteries. Equipment such as closed-circuit surveillance systems, remote alarms and environmental monitoring systems may require DC (direct current) power storage. For the last few decades, Absorbant Glass Mat (AGM) lead acid batteries were the go-to product.

Although lithium iron phosphate (LiFePO4) batteries aren’t new, they’re just now picking up traction in commercial markets.

Here are the 3 biggest reasons on what distinguishes LiFePO4 from the other lithium battery solutions:


LiFePO4 Safety And Stability You can Count

LiFePO4 batteries are best known for their strong safety profile, the result of extremely stable chemistry. When subjected to hazardous events, such as collision or short-circuiting, they won’t explode or catch fire, significantly reducing any chance of harm.

If you’re selecting a lithium battery and anticipate use in hazardous or unstable environments, LiFePO4 is likely your best choice.


LiFePO4 Performance is Great

LiFePO4 batteries perform well in several areas, especially life span. Service life usually clocks in at five to six years, and cycle life normally exceeds other lithium formulations by 300 or 400%. However, there’s a tradeoff. Energy density is typically lower than certain counterparts, such as cobalt and nickel oxide, meaning you’ll lose some capacity for the price you pay – initially, at least. A slower rate of capacity loss compared to other formulations might offset the tradeoff to some degree. After a year, a LiFePO4 cell typically has approximately the same energy density as a LiCoO2 lithium ion cell.

Battery charging time is also considerably reduced, another convenient performance perk.


LiFePO4 Space Efficiency is Awesome

Also worth mentioning is LiFePO4’s space-efficient characteristics. At one-third the weight of most lead-acid batteries and almost half the weight of the popular manganese oxide, LiFePO4 provides an effective way to make use of application space and reduce overall weight.

Trying to get as much battery power as possible while keeping weight down? LiFePO4 is the way to go.



When deciding between lead acid and lithium-ion technology, the better option is clear. Lithium iron phosphate batteries serve your needs most efficiently and power your electronic systems with reliability for many years to come.