The lowdown on adding solar panels to your existing system

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:30 March 2017 

Here’s a quick guide when you want to add solar panels to your existing system.

Here’s a quick guide when you want to add solar panels to your existing system.   


Most solar households and businesses are eager to upgrade. And why not? Solar power offers many benefits. It reduces energy bills, gives a sense of freedom over the grid, and helps the environment in cutting carbon emissions. It also helps that the government pursues policies that favor solar energy.

It’s not unusual, therefore, to see more solar customers wanting to add solar panels and storage to their existing systems. You simply need to maximize an oversized inverter or a free space. Once you experience the wonderful benefits of solar, it’s reasonable to want more.

When there’s extra space on your roof

Add solar panels to make the most out of those free space on your roof. Of course, there may be budget considerations, so consult your solar installer first to make sure you go with your best options. Keep in mind that this task is not as simple as getting the panels fixed on the rooftop.

Add solar panels to an oversized inverter

An upgradeable solar PV inverter is a good candidate when you want to add solar panels. However, take note that it’s not really recommended to buy one that’s oversized since solar panel addition is not without challenges.

Most modern inverters have at least one maximum power point tracker (MPPT) input. This technology enables your system to get the most energy despite weather changes. If there’s only one input, make sure that the additional solar panels have the same exact voltage & amperage specifications.

For inverters with more than one MPPT input, check if there's an unused input. It’s the only way to conveniently and neatly add more solar panels and maximize your inverter’s full capacity. Your installer can quickly spot an empty MPPT input for you if you are not familiar with it.

Solar panels plus batteries

Adding solar plus batteries is common nowadays. In fact, the two usually come at a package price so people add solar panels when they want battery storage. There are several approaches in adding batteries and your installer may apply one or a combination of these approaches.