Australia’s small-scale solar systems reach more than 1.5 million

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:17 July 2016 

Australia’s small-scale solar systems reach more than 1.5 million - Optimus Energy is the leading wholesale distributor of solar energy products

Australia makes it as a world leader in clean energy. Its installation of 1.5 million small-scale solar systems is a proof of that.

Solar Installation in Australia as of July

Australia continues to set records in renewable energy use, particularly in small-scale solar systems.

Many households and businesses switch to solar energy. Solar panels make a pretty common sight in communities.  Although home battery storage isn't as popular as panels yet, it also gained strong following according to Clean Energy Regulator (CER) reports.

June's renewable energy systems data 

CER's report showed that last month there were 5,293 small-scale renewable energy systems installed all over the country. Solar panel systems comprised 4,266 of these. The rest were solar hot water units and heat pumps. The systems made 22.6MW total generation capacity.

Queensland was the biggest contributor to 1,597 renewable energy systems installed. Western Australia follows with 1,193. Queensland likewise dominated the small-scale commercial-sized solar systems (10 – 100kW). They had 77 systems out of the 242 installed.

Energy storage grows with solar power system installation. In June, households installed 42 small-scale solar power systems with battery storage. However, no CER data are available in retrofits. Unfortunately, the Renewable Energy Target excludes batteries despite its relevance.

July's small-scale solar systems figures 

The first of July revealed a huge boost in small-scale solar power installation. The number rose to more than 1.5 million. About 800,000 solar hot water systems were also installed in Australia, in addition to around 200,000 air source heat pumps.

CER emphasized the 12-month period for the creation of small-scale technology certificates. Therefore, current figures will continue to increase. The Small-scale Renewable Energy Scheme, which started in 2001, served as the basis for these numbers.

As of July 1, Queensland leads the list of states with most number of installed small-scale solar PV. The state has 478,583 followed by New South Wales' 337,949. Victoria made 289,053 installations. Western Australia ranks fourth with 205,596. Finally, South Australia had 197,549.

Australia’s small scale solar PV systems have a collective capacity of almost 5 gigawatts.