Solar power in Australia reached 5GW

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:26 July 2019 

Solar power in Australia reached 5GW - Optimus Energy is the leading wholesale distributor of solar energy products in Australia

With 5GW of solar power installed, Australia is another step closer to becoming a world leader in solar energy use.  

Australia’s Solar Energy Now Over 5Gigawatts

Solar energy is almost non-existent in Australia six years ago. But right now, it is one of the leading countries in terms of solar power use. Well, that feels right since the country is not lacking in sunshine. Australians are also active in rooting for green energy.

Latest industry data shows the installation of 64MW of rooftop solar energy capacity on properties in June. This takes the Australian total to 4.964GW or about 5GW. It's an impressive 9% of the country’s 56GW total electricity generation capacity.

Carbon-free living

Darell Toddof said that “while Britain has been experiencing record sunshine temperatures, Australia has achieved a record level of power from the sun’s energy.”

“Australia is increasingly moving towards carbon-free living and soon almost all houses will have solar panels. One thing we’re not short of Down Under is sunshine,” he added.

Australia’s future in solar energy looks bright. Currently, the country’s energy market is at 700MW-800MW a year. It will increase as more households adopt new battery storage technologies.

The rising prices of gas-generated electricity likewise pushed the increasing use of solar panels with excess power stored in batteries for later use.

Australian energy record

With a total of 1.534GW, Queensland leads the country having the largest solar capacity. New South Wales comes second with 1.07GW. The third is Victoria which currently produces 935MW.

Rooftop solar energy now represents around three percent of total electricity consumption across Australia.

Over 1.5 million Aussie households and businesses have spent more than $8 billion installing rooftop solar. Electricity bills savings is now $1 billion a year.

The growth of rooftop solar PV in Australia will rise to 38GW by 2040. However, some industry experts believe total capacity will rise to around 52GW in the same period.