Bundaberg expects solar panel efficiency in new solar farm

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:4 January 2017 

Bundaberg will experience full solar panel efficiency in its newly-approved solar farm.

Bundaberg will experience full solar panel efficiency in its newly-approved solar farm.

Bundaberg’s Solar Farm Approved

The Bundaberg Regional Council approved the construction of a massive solar farm near Childes. It’s a huge $210 million investment that promises superb solar panel efficiency. With the installation of around 400,000 solar panels, there’s just no way it won’t come true.

Esco Pacific is the Australian solar project developer behind the application. Construction starts at the end of the 2nd quarter of 2017. And if everything goes well, the solar farm should operate by the end of the year.

Solar panel efficiency

After getting the council’s approval, Esco teams up with an electricity supplier, Ergon. Their partnership should result in the establishment of a grid connection. This will enable the 80MW site to power up to 40,000 households.

For maximum solar panel efficiency, the panels are equipped with automatic tracking. The tracking feature will make the solar panels follow the sun to maximize collection hours.

Bundaberg residents can reap the benefits of the solar farm for around 30 years. This is because, after three decades, solar panel efficiency will diminish. They will remove the panels by then and have the land go back to rural activities.

Power plus economy boost

For landowner David Torrisi, his 180ha Isis River property was the perfect location for the solar farm. Likewise, the solar farm is ideal for the property. Mr. Torrisi wanted to utilize it without hurting the land and the environment.

He was thrilled to be part of the project. It does not only ease power issues but also boosts the local economy. He added that the Bruce Hwy and Broadhurst Homestead Rd bound Vitwood stud. It’s on 934ha of "beautiful, flat land facing the right way for solar panels.”

Bundaberg Mayor Jack Dempsey was also ecstatic about the approval. The construction phase of nine months will create 150 jobs. 5 people will get full-time jobs and 10 will have part-time staff positions once completed.