Solar owners have an advantage in home-selling

Author: Darvin Tocmo  Date Posted:30 January 2017 

The Energy Scores feature of a real estate website gives solar owners an edge over competitors.

The Energy Scores feature of a real estate website gives solar owners an edge over competitors.    

Solar: Now A Home-Selling Tool In Australia

Solar owners are aware of the many benefits of having a solar power system in place. For one, it reduces energy bills. Second, it provides security in case of grid connection problems. There’s also an opportunity to earn additional income from solar feed-in tariffs. And of course, you contribute to Australia’s environmental efforts.

There is another benefit that solar owners can add to that list: solar as a home-selling tool.

What’s in the Energy Scores feature

Most prospective home renters and buyers in Australia check out In fact, the site is one of the most popular in this category as it reportedly yields over three million visits per month. Hence, it’s not surprising to see the website come up with innovative ways to help their visitors.

One of these is the recently launched Energy Scores feature. The feature allows interested buyers and tenants to know if a property is energy efficient or not and to what extent. The results are visible right after performing a property search on the site. It is presented in a clear and straightforward statistics.

For REA Group’s Chief Digital Officer, Henry Ruiz, the tool helps Australians make more educated decisions in terms of property purchase and rental. In fact, Energy Scores is not just for solar owners or home buyers. People who are not selling their homes can have an idea on how to improve their properties.

Surveys show the advantage for solar owners  

The website conducted surveys that date as far back as 2014. In one survey, 85% of respondents said that home value improved with solar panel installation. In another, 75% of renter respondents said they would pay extra for homes with solar panels fitted. A more recent survey showed 76% of respondents concerned about electricity costs and 79% are already employing energy efficient strategies.

Results show that people prefer energy efficient homes. Solar owners should use this to their advantage when selling their properties. It’s important to highlight your efficient solar panel system, solar batteries included when listing or mentioning properties.